Dr. Rick Warren- 2010 Rails Rumble Panel Judge

Dr. Rick Warren

“48 hour web application development competition”

Rails Rumble Expert Panelists include people that do great stuff from all parts of the web development and startup ecosystem: web developers, programmers, designers, user experience experts, startup and venture business folks, and media people. The panel also includes a number of influential Ruby community leaders.

Pastors can be tech stars too! You’ve probably heard heaps about his global 2 year best seller “The Purpose Driven Life,” but what you probably didn’t know is that his tech-savvy church, Saddleback, was the first church on the Internet, way back in 1992. That’s before IE or Netscape – and using Mosaic, Gopher, & FTP! THE NEW YORKER says, “Like Ray Kroc and Sam Walton, he pioneered new delivery systems,” and FORTUNE MAGAZINE says, “America’s pastor has a plan to mobilize millions to fight poverty, illiteracy, and AIDS in Africa, and he’s got the management genius to do it.” It’s a lot for a Ruby hacker to look up to and be proud of, and Rumble 2010 is stoked to have Dr. Rick Warren on our panel of experts.

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