Google’s “Go” Programming Language

Google has a new compiled programming language called Go. There is a video available on the website from the Google I/O 2010 conference some core features. In the second half of the video I noticed that Go borrows two key ideas from languages like Javascript:
* Closures
* and what the Go programmers call “Channels” (a way to have event handling- Javascript guys call it “Callbacks”)

With the above in mind, it seems that Go can compete with NodeJS. Perhaps this is why Go was created.

3 thoughts on “Google’s “Go” Programming Language

  1. I wonder where can one use effectively these languages, or if we that are building web apps need to really be concern about this since we already deal with a language per say ruby or php. In what scenarios could we be working with these or if this is the future?

    very interesting

    I only heard of NodeJS once or twice until now… Which one should I go for NodeJS or Go?

  2. Web apps sometimes need to access a web service. A web service could be a process running on a machine. PHP or Ruby or other languages can provide access the the web service process. But the web service process should not be written in PHP or Ruby because those languages are very slow. So, you would code the web service in C, C#, C++ ….. and now NodeJS or Go. But why use NodeJS or Go??? Because you don’t want to be limited in some cases by the cumbersome OOP style of event handling. In NodeJS and Go the event handling is very much a first rate language feature. In my opinion, Javascript style callbacks are much easier to code rather than using OOP methodology. NodeJS uses the Javascript callback syntax. Go borrows this idea as well. So it is really just a decision about style. Do you like how easy it is to handle events in JQuery?? I do to. So now, with NodeJS, we can do this within executables than run at the command line.

    PHP, Ruby, ASP are good ways to code User Interfaces but terrible for writing web services such as a Statistical Engine, or Graphics generator, or many other things which can be used by web pages.

    Just some thoughts.

  3. I liked the rhetoric question on JQuery… lol yes I agree

    Wow so it is all scary to me. I picture your information in this way. I am developing a symfony application obviously on php. Now you say the process should be in other language, so I assume you are speaking about the Controller part of the MVC? I wonder if there are such wrappers already for Ruby? or actually more important for me if there are such things on symfony? I never felt comfortable writing an application handling events, perhaps because I have never written one? wow I feel a total ignorant now… I thought my security in languages like C and others gave me confidence in this type of development… it is good that you taught me some more about Go. I don’t like NodeJS name. Now I know where it could fit. thanks!

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