WordPress Shopping Cart: View All Feature

The feature we want to implement is a link label “view all” that behaves in the same way http://www.sundancecataloge.com product page behaves.

The improvement will make it possible to display all the products of one category (or of all categories) in the same page where it usually is paginated.

There are at least two approaches:
1. hide the regular display of products with pagination and display all products
2. work on modifying the actual display of products function with pagination and tweak it so that it would receive a parameter acted by a form button “view all”

We solved with #2:

We modify the logic for the product queries. After some hard work I have come up with a solution that can be seen in action here

If you would like to get the patch for this feature it is available if you email me at cordoval@gmail.com with a donation of $17.

Your contribution will be used to develop more amazing improvements to the Shopping cart and I will post them on this blog.

Please encourage me to keep developing more patches for WPEC here: Donate HERE

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