Git: Copy a Commit as Patch to Reapply in the Future

I was facing the problem of creating patches whose changes could persist in the case we were to upgrade the whole software to new version. Creating a patch using git is a process. First we create the patch, then we store it on a known directory, then after the overwrite is performed we get ready to observe what is going to be changed (–stat), to check possible conflicts (–check), and to finally apply the changes in those commits to the new version of the software.

A good model to empower clients is to have a point of sale for patches associated to those commits that they need for a particular piece of software. So the idea here is also to ensure them that when they are buying our patches they will be ensured that they will carry on through different upgrades and that they should not need to be worry about hitting the upgrading.

We can either provide support with those patches, or create infrastructure for the platform to apply certain patches through an interface. Of course that interface has to have git capabilities :). And this will be a topic of another post another day.

Resucitate a Store to 3.8 life 1: Products Image permissions

I have imported product images onto my new WP e-Commerce 3.8 install however the thumbnails of the images were not showing because they were somehow set to a very low level permission.

For that I had to go under the uploads directory and issue a chmod 644 to the images that needed that adjustment, in particular the original images. The other images such as thumbnails etc, did not need the change of permissions.

After I had done that all my images were showing.

WP e-Commerce 3.8: Permission problems – You must update your database to import all of your products.

If you get a message to:

“You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

after you clicked on the link to update from the message that appears on your admin pages like this:

“You must update your database to import all of your products.”

Here is the solution:

To get that beautiful window go to your console:

[code]pico +44 ./wp-e-commerce/wpsc-admin/[/code]

and comment, add the line below, and save:

[code]//add_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘wpsc_display_update_notice’ );
add_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘wpsc_display_update_page’ );[/code]

Now go back to the link you were sent when you saw that message about upgrading your database and hit it again:

This is the link just in case:


Then you will update your database nicely!

I think WP e-Commerce has some admin pages and submenus, namely using add_submenu_page that are not really working.

SparkleShare Git Client with Shared Hosting 2

I finally gave up on my hostmonster admins. They told me they were seeing possible in the future to install git but whatever it is not now. So i tried to tackle the problem from my side, SparkleShare generates paths like ~/SparkleShare/subfolder/.git or at least that was what I was told by hbons the manager. But even creating those directories and adding config files to those .git/ subdirectories the thing would not work for sourcing the remote path of the user space installed git. This is really a shame so project cancelled.