Old Symfony: OrangeHRM Experiences

I set to evaluate OrangeHRM development svn repo that I fetch with git-svn.

After I learned more about sudo pear channel-discover url and sudo pear install –alldeps package_name to install phpunit and phing and all that, I realized that the versions that the orangehrm guys were using for development were pretty old. Some of the things to do the tests like /build/build.xml were written with old phpunit2 task names.

Then after using phpunit directly rather than phing I realized that also the tests were not passing and many of them. So I am contacting orangehrm dev guys at their mailing list to see if they accept my requests to point me how I can get things passed. Otherwise I will not be able to proceed since I have to have 100% or most of the test passing before I start developing so I know when I break the code.

I plan on doing some modifications to the Performance Module for a client.
This uses an old symfony version v1.2 so directory structure is different and many things are different from v1.4. However it could be good to learn and have a hands on pretty quickly.

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