Second problem found with Symfony2

There are not really good tutorials on symfony2 yet as of this time.

One of them is here
however it uses a symfony2project git repo code to generate certain bundles.

Asking on the IRC channel I was aware there is a bundle init command to create a bundle.

app/console init:bundle “Vendor/FirstBundle” src myFirstBundle

which will actually create under the namespace “Vendor/FirstBundle” and placed under the directory /src the bundle named “myFirstBundle”

now it is time to update three things:

Follow-up actions

Ok so I have done all of the above, and now adapted it to myFirstBundle bundle that i just created.

Now let’s proceed with instantiating the entities within Entity folder.

Now running: php app/console doctrine:schema:create

I was able to generate the schema and had to change the name of my class to VendorFirstBundle rather than myFirstBundle

now installing phpunit but i have found it needs to be installed through my distribution
and not through

was getting stuck here because I did not have the right version of pear nor of phpunit installed so what I did is found here

I had to first fix and remove the install I mistakenly did with pear installed as user and now I removed everything from my home/user directory including .pearcc or the like and now I am setting up phpunit on top of pear 1.9.2

Finally after a complete day, I edited the php.ini that had been changed by pear and now commented the path set and now it is done! (php –ini)

ok but now I am getting different number of tests failing… I solved it. I noticed that the acme bundle was also running on tests so I re-enabled the routing again and it is now working properly.

Right now I am here

First problem encountered with Symfony 2

Just solved my first problem with symfony 2. It was complaining about sqlite3 module or something…
will now restart apache to see how is it going?…

Right from the get go I also had to edit the php.ini @ /etc/php5/cgi
and also just to remember my short_open_tag by default were set to On on that same php.ini file
Symfony2 told me to change that to Off

Later on I also went ahead and installed the APC PHP caching system, easily searching on the ubuntu installer software
and I went ahead also for the intl module for php5 that was requiring…

so far all good until I click and get this:

Fatal error: Class ‘Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle’ not found in /home/cordoval/sites/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php on line 11

All of a sudden I noticed after cat README.txt that I have missed running the scripts and then noticed that I had not installed git! nothing that a sudo apt-get install git could not solve…

then again I ran into a weird thing, I had to run /bin/ outside of the folder bin then did that but then got a problem with

sensio\Bundle\FrameworkExtraBundle\SensioFrameworkExtraBundle’ not found in /home/cordoval/sites/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php on line 18

So now it is a problem with the FrameworkExtraBundle

Scratched everything and did:

git clone git:// .

now running again…

there are more scripts to be run on the and now I found that symlinks is an option…

got it, it was just a singular, meaning no s at the end of symlinks

Ended the day by finishing the quick tutorial.