Brainstorming with Phil

1. easy navigation and switching is key there like tabs or something similar for sessions with title names edit feature

2. composite method for “fill in blanks interactive”
use these functions
the first version should just display on hover

3. next to easily pass shortcut and avoid spending time
bookkeeping and quiz mode

4. “verse coverage” % of book % of chapter, % of bible

5. subset Torah, Prophets, Psalms, etc % distribution
session 1: Torah [X], Minor Prophets[_], Wisdom[X], Gospels [_]

6. color coding to differentiate old and new verses

7. console to interact with db objects? future idea?

8. autogeneration
all verses check box
all chapters check box
all books? check box

two choices: 1) do not allow auto generation based on verse ranges/chapters/books…. user must select everything. simple but harder for user.
2) add basic ranges
if you go with 2) then you should work on that code.
if you go with 1) there is less code so you can work also on other parts of the project.

9. master list & logs

10. social
later social network to share the calendar so you can see friends who completed a verse on the same day as you.

verse entry/setup, calendar algorithm, dashboard (where am I?)


after this the next step can be pushing messages to user’s mobile device (easy)…notifications

i would handle it in the order you get to it
first, you need users to wsign up
then log in
then create sessions
then lok at session status, then use sessions
just so you have a usability timeline and it’s obvious where you’re at

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