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How to configure AsseticBundle

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.. index::
   single: Assets; AsseticBundle

This is an introduction on Assetic use.

Looking at the symfony bundle at vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Bundle/AsseticBundle/Resources/config/filters we find that Assetic support several filters for different styling frameworks:

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yui_css.xml cssrewrite.xml less.xml scss.xml yui_js.xml


Instead of using your regular Gmail account, it’s of course recommended that you create a special account.

In the development configuration file, change the transport setting to gmail and set the username and password to the Google credentials:

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.. configuration-block::

    .. code-block:: yaml

        # app/config/config_dev.yml
            transport: gmail
            username:  your_gmail_username
            password:  your_gmail_password

    .. code-block:: xml

        <!-- app/config/config_dev.xml -->


            password="your_gmail_password" />

    .. code-block:: php

        // app/config/config_dev.php
        $container->loadFromExtension('swiftmailer', array(
            'transport' => "gmail",
            'username'  => "your_gmail_username",
            'password'  => "your_gmail_password",

You’re done!


The gmail transport is simply a shortcut that uses the smtp transport and sets encryption, auth_mode and host to work with Gmail.

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