Symfony2 PHPStorm Repository of PHP Templates

In PHPStorm there is what is called Live Templates for PHP. In our case we would like to make a call to gather all templates available or to promote the development of templates that can be useful to someone developing on sf2.

To use the templates go to Settings and search for Live Templates and you will find it.

In order to use the templates you should do the following:

cd .WebIde10/config/templates/
git clone .

Then restart PHPStorm and you are ready to use it. Type fn and hit TAB key right after for expandable text feature.


You should create an account on and then fork the main repo above. Then clone your own repo into your templates folder. Create a new branch for contribution. then add the contribution changes/additions and push back to your own repo. Then click on pull request button to let everybody else know of your great additions. We will merge all contributions. So you want to keep your templates up to date often with a git pull upstream command.

Your submissions are greatly appreciated as it would help everybody to code on sf2 faster and without typing too much.

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