Prototype attribute on Symfony2 Forms

This is a snippet for collaboration purposes on dynamic forms:

<div id="khepin_productbundle_producttype_tags" data-prototype="
<label  class="">$$name$$</label>
<div id="khepin_productbundle_producttype_tags_$$name$$">
  <label for="khepin_productbundle_producttype_tags_$$name$$_name" class="">Name</label>
  <input type="text" id="khepin_productbundle_producttype_tags_$$name$$_name" name="khepin_productbundle_producttype[tags][$$name$$][name]" required="required" maxlength="255" value="" class="input-text" />

Here it is sbsien 🙂

Also please fix the css if you can.

PS> All this is regarding this link

One thought on “Prototype attribute on Symfony2 Forms

  1. Ok, I understood wrong when you asked me “how is the data-prototype” embedded. Yeah I knew it was there since that’s what my javascript is looking for on the page.

    And hm, what’s up with the css? I don’t think I have any here…

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