Symfony2 Integrated TDD: TestBundle

Introducing TestBundle[1], a Symfony2 bundle that integrates TDD methodology for the main frameworks Behat, PHPSpec, and PHPUnit into one development tool. It is created to foster the BDD methodology into Symfony2 app development.

Instructions to install:

// AppKernel.php
php new Cordova\Bundle\TestBundle\CordovaTestBundle(),
// autoload.php
    'Cordova'          => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',
// deps
// update
bin/vendors update
// creates autotest.phar
cd vendor/PHPAutotest

And here is its usage:

php app/console test:auto vendor/PHPAutotest/demo/Behat/features/minesweeper.feature

What can you do with it?
Well it depends how well one knows the integration of all the frameworks. Basically this bundle currently exploits PHPAutotest[2] and brings it into Symfony2 framework developers to foster new ways of automation and aid in the TDD task. There is a sweepminer’s example you can try and I am working on bringing more information into testing it with a complete integrated flow from start to end.

If you have further ideas of how much more this bundle can include you are welcome to post below on the comments. And if you would like to boost development of this bundle then please donations are a strong motivation (see link above).

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

[1] TestBundle Repository.
[2] PHPAutotest Tool Repository intro.

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