Symfony2 TDD with Phabric: Series 1

I have read a bit about Phabric. Phabric responds to the need of further controlling data setup on behat scenarios at a high level of abstraction. Basically it is the doctrine:fixtures:load of behat or more properly it is the tdd version of that turning gherkin tables into database data.

The discussion is here for the first issue filed when Phabric saw the light. Once the Behat conditional dependency is included into BehatBundle we would be able to load the Phabric too within our Symfony2 project. Implementing a Symfony2 bundle ourselves would involve that we have to pass by injection a service into the Behat context. That may result in more difficulties at this time.

Thinking in how it could be done, perhaps, first we can unfold this as adding a regular dependency. That is basically modifying the xml file for Behat, however that is sourced by BehatBundle from the Behat behat.xml.
There is another xml file for services that is loaded here.
So I wonder if we could use this to insert that dependency? What other further modifications would need to take place.
It would be great to develop an example for how to make these guys play together within Symfony2.

Until next time for part 2.

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