GitHub Flow vs. Git-Flow for Symfony2: Brain Storming

I have been thinking about the implications that the git flows GitHub Flow and Git-Flow have in terms of TDD development. I have even been thinking in adapting PHPAutotest to integrate with git a little bit better. The automation of tests to make a red green are there already however there should be an easier prompt for “new feature to implement”-type of branch mechanism that can help adopters of each flow. The idea is to boost the work while using git and TDD techniques, especially in Symfony2 :). Seeking for ideas are you up to it too? Please provide comments below. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “GitHub Flow vs. Git-Flow for Symfony2: Brain Storming

  1. Where I work we already pretty much already utilize the ideas outlined in the GitHub Flow article, and I have to say it works like a charm. Sure there are hiccups, but I would wager 90% of that is developer acclimation. Integrating TDD into that workflow sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to what others have to say about this, definitely.

    • thanks for your input Bob. I am looking forward to develop more too, I just worked on phabric and behat today into symfony2. I want to develop a flow with this TDD in mind. It needs to happen and several other design practices need to happen too with this flow too. So we will see. Btw, do you have a github username where i can follow or other way? Let’s keep in touch. Thanks.

      • Sure thing:

        Unfortunately, I don’t have much public work in github right now as my day-to-day is in private repos, heh. For the record, I was a Drupal developer for nearly 9 years before very recently moving over to Symfony2. Testing was always precarious at best with Drupal as they, at the present, use a fork of Simpletest, which itself was a fork of PHPUnit. Though, I’ve heard they are in the process of porting all that back to pure PHPUnit, now. Interesting stuff from both communities.

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