Grace is Not Receiving The Lethal Injection

I have heard some comments about what happened with Troy Davis. Whether this man is innocent or not some people is disputing more the death row penalty rather than what actually happened or the judgement wrong or right.

In this background Grace meant not receiving the lethal injection. Troy perhaps did or did not deserved it. But unfortunately he was killed without a judgement of perfection. Judgement is flaw and certainly one can argue that. However there is a judgement for Troy and moreover on us that is perfect. That ladies and gentlemen is the judgement of God pure and righteous. This judgement brings God’s wrath on all of us justly. There is but one escape and it is found in grace. And grace only flows from a single human-God person, Jesus Christ. If you are not in Him, you certainly fall with everybody else and whether or not you agree or disagree with Troy’s death you deserve, no matter how good your good morals and behavior are, a life sentence of lethal injection, lethal wrath abiding starting since the beginning.

Grace objects then are so much fortunate! Come to Christ!

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