Zombie Pitfalls: Part III

I have been following this thread here and got some responses and experiences that I would like to share.

First there was a post from @nationalfieldtravis. Basically what he is proposing is to just run a zombie instance from outside the process which usually it is autostarted and run it manually. This is the sort of thing done with sahi that one has to run it before running the tests/features.

Second @FireFoxIXI posted a gist which I forked just to save a copy for myself here. The solution proposed is to just modify the driver connection code and do more retries through a parameter.

These two workaround don’t work perfectly and i still get the error when doing some ajax.

throw new Error("No OPTION '" + value + "'");

So I am still awaiting to find some time to first reproduce this error and then work together with behat team on a PR. This post is mainly to document and dont’ loose track of this effort with using zombie for speeding sahi feature running.

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