Vespolina: The Sandbox Story 1

Today I was able to use EasyExtends to make use of BaseProduct class by generating a directory structure that would help me implement Product class from Vespolina ProductBundle. The task involved bringing up the mongodb properly installed, with settings on cgi as well as on cli php.ini files to understand the why of EasyExtends.

The command you say?

~ php app/console sonata:easy-extends:generate VespolinaProductBundle --dest=src

The sandbox contains all the additions here showing you the sort of directory structure that was created.

A little encouragement for an url http://store.local/app_dev.php/admin/products/ follows :

I worked also on fixing some of the tests due to the break by refactory. Now that i understand a little bit more about vespolina, I can go back and work more on the tests. Focusing currently on ProductBundle and trying to get something working asap.

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