PHPSpec Gets New Documentation Looks and Promises More Early 2012

After a quick refactoring of the documentation we are eager to deploy the new version of the documentation. This time refactored from xml into rst so that it can be plain, easy to write on the fly, PR’eable on github, and totally updated with nightly builds. We are glad to present:

You will be ripping the benefits of this new way of doing things for your new PHPSpec projects on 2012.

For the Symfony2 community we are bringing the best of PHPSpec and a new way of doing things on 2012.

Encouragements in all good.

Thanks to Behat (everzet) and Symfony2 community for helping us with the way of doing docs the right way.

Famoust Viral Christmas Post

This post is just an excuse as a coder to speak about the real meaning of Christmas. In its likeness to a Christmas tree this graphic called your attention and mine too. But there is a great God-man Jesus Christ, and only one, that came incarnated to earth to save sinners, yes from their sins. We are them. So this is an appeal to that attitude as I repent and encourage you to do the same and may God open our eyes for us to see the beautiful and divine majesty which is the person of Jesus Christ as our savior, king, and almighty God. He has shown great grace and mercy to us sinners, he has done all well, given us a righteousness not our own and making our way perfect for us. Something we could have never done it.

Learning to work on PRs

Working on a PR today I learned some tricks:

// dbu
git pull --rebase
// lsmith
git remote update
git checkout -b feature/myAssertFix_clean upstream/doctrine_dbal
git merge --no-commit --no-ff feature/myAssertFix
git commit -a -m "commit message explaining your changes"
git push origin feature/myAssertFix_clean
git branch --set-upstream feature/myAssertFix origin/feature/myAssertFix
git push origin feature/myAssertFix_clean

Some explanation of the commands above:

1. makes sure local is aware of all the remote changes
2. creates a new local repository based on the state of the upstream repository
3. moves all the code changes from your old local branch to the new one without committing them
4. commits the changes as one commit in the new local branch
5. pushes your new local branch to your repository on github

Special thanks to dbu and lsmith.

We should also remember our two friends:

git rebase -i SHA1
git merge-base branch1 branch2

Vespolina: The Sandbox Story 3

The sandbox is now integrating background controllers for ProductBundle and also in the front end i have extended ProductBundle to implement pricing and display products and their price. There is a new twig extension on MonetaryBundle which is capable of exchanging automatically the currency of the product’s price. The template is built using the MopaBootstrapBundle too so it is nice looking and clean.

What is next? Well there seems to be need for a paginator, an image manager, then perhaps a cartbundle although some other components need to be there before we move that far. There is a need for categorization too and that is being achieved by TaxonomyBundle. FulfillmentBundle is also on the cooking as I type this so it is certainly something we could be looking at on the next story.

Thanks for reading and enjoy working with vespolina!