KnpLabs Help To The Symfony2 Community: The Review

I would like to strike a note of appreciation to thank deeply the KnpLabs in the US. I lived in the southeast area of the US for 5 years and I feel like I know their kind ways and goodwill of helping others. They not only have worked on giving tutorials or workshops throughout the world in shape of conferences but they have also provided free resources readily available for the avid dispossessed stalker-reader. I am now remembering their help in form mainly of 1) the Christmas gift @weaverryan gave everybody on his free slides with code included, 2) KnpLabps Ipsum demo and repos, 3) One to one help in the old days about how to capistrano deploy symfony2 the right way (disclosed just for me or so I thought), 4) and many many other tips and tricks now in this latest video, like the play.php script (which was not really mind games but really just bringing out what is inside the handle method), and 5) the thing we all know him for, the sf2 `docu`. If I ever come back to the southeast of my second home I would rent a car with my family and drive from South Carolina to Nashville just to greet these guys.

That said, let’s dig once more and dissect for fun the latest knpuniversity tutorial channel:

The tutorial for autoloader was a token of what one could expect of their professionalism in their other extended video Starting in Symfony2 Tutorial. Its make-even-a-3-year-old-child-understand clean type of communication has been compressed in time for the busiest of us and yet still conveys a direct ready-to-apply batch of pro-tip treasures. I myself learned three new things, 1) the tip for debugging right on play.php script unrolling the handle method and recreating the request with Request::createFromGlobals, 2) an easy one, the tip on PHPStorm for Go To Class, and 3) the php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load –append, never used it before even though it was there but I like to know it is there now :D. Of course the other parts of the tutorial are thrilling. Just that I learned it the painful way, being slapped again and again on the mailing list and ignored in the IRC channel. Of course I always get help from the goodies. So that is why I am still alive and learning 😀 and now writing this review for what I think is a worth looking tutorials PHP and Symfony Tutorials. My thought is there are a lot of people who know a lot, some more than others, but few teach it to others. Thankfully the symfony2 community does not lack great individuals who like to pass the baton.

I watched the 1 hour video and it felt like it was 10 minutes. I thirst for more of course, but it was so complete and thrilling. It was a gap filling device in my newbie education. It felt so short to me because I enjoyed it so much understanding details in clear and proper conveyed English. Usually foreign developers cut to pieces our loved southern English, and this video just made it justice for once. Communication skills are important and help develop the other side of our brain!

The video also transpires some explanations that drip Symfony2 philosophy, it is a good complement to the series @fabpot is currently writing, you will enjoy his revised written English as much as I do. He is on chapter 7 now so hurry up, they are short and easy to deal with and full of keen ideas.

I stay with the code of the play.php script and I will use it to understand inner parts of the Symfony2 framework more or at least to dig into ideas and try to explore further. I think that a video that shows you how to fish is a good video and this tip aimed in this direction.

It feels good when you understand one thing over and over and more and more. This is the case for Symfony2, it just gets better when you understand it further and further.

In behalf of the Symfony2 Community (yes I often like to take attributions and it is cool with you :D), thanks guys for this video and more to come.

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