Sismo Github Exploring

Today I was wondering how do i create a sismo notifier that can interface an API. I have mapped a quick diagram of sismo objects and is shown here:

The Notifier object is set actually within the configuration passed to sismo which is basically an include file returning project objects.
So the notifier is actually set within the project object. However looking through github I was surprised to find more notifiers on the history of network as shown in this picture:

I found therefore someone else has worked on a twitter and a mail notifier. These of course as I said above are set per project configured within the configuration sismo file in each project folder if we are using sismoFinder.

Now everything is pointing to the need to create an app dashboard that can receive the json payloads from sismo and could mark certain merge requests within a self-hosted github like environment. I have found several tools like gitlabhq which is open source however it is coded in ruby, another was gerrit as other posts attest but they are in java and are hard to configure and explode on my face when i want to use them on my local box because they cannot conceive a world without authentication.

So I am still thinking on this app. If you have ideas please let me know. Thanks!

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