Find a Place on FOSS: The Happy Beginnings – Part I

First ask a good friend on FOSS and he gives you a link and something to do:

Then go clone the specific repository and do manually what travis would do. If there are things that travis sets up apriori then do those. Travis will run ok so you better don’t fall short.

Then it should be time to branch:

~ git checkout -b feature/PHPCR-42-testRefactoring
~/sites-2/cmf-sandbox/vendor/doctrine-phpcr-odm (feature/PHPCR-42-testRefactoring)

Now it is time to find the way the do tests:

At this time I already found a file that was an exception and was empty and so I asked and I was told to remove it and PR. So I did.
Then taking another watch at the tests I started asking the right questions, what, where, why and got a lot of confirmations and answers which set me familiar with the code at large.

The first move has to be easy and focused. So I take the first digested sentence that I read, namely:

Refactor the tests about mapping to have abstract base tests to assert things,
and one test for each annotation/yml/xml/php so we really test the same outcome

It seems that someone else has already done it :(, at least part of it. But it is ok I learned something. Now I have asked with a PR about how to proceed

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