5 days to kiss bye bye to PHPStorm

Because license is expiring PHPStorm although good looking and increasingly fast has to go too like all things. It cannot stay for long. So I decided I will switch to vim. This has to also do with the fact that doing pair programming with teamviewer7 is getting heavy for my hardware and network. Wemux/tmux provide more freedom and focus on the actual code and things so I am doing the switch. I asked some friends about I conclude vim has to be and not a secondary replacement like sublimetext2 which is also not free like phpstorm. So this has to be if not what are we teaching after all new developers? I hate to see my symfony2 colors gone but once I become more proficient with vim I can start coding to get the same colors in vim.

One can read this and install plugins and follow instructions including what is said on the comments to solve pitfalls. So far is good the only thing that bothers me now is the file navigation and correct indexing of all files in projects.

Now let’s take a look at this repo here:

After some tests trying to clone everzet/ornicar dot files and symlink the vim and vimrc to my dot versions on my home I failed because they use macs. I wish someone could point me to similar dot files for ubuntu/linux. Anyway, I will soon leave phpstorm.

I left it: https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim This link just settled it for me, no more looking.

Update: I bought my license for $99 finally :D. I will still learn vim and also will try to do a symfony2 colors theme on eclipse with pulse00 plugins to just compare (http://www.eclipsecolorthemes.org/)

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