Two-way Wemux-based Pair Programming: Part II – The One You Die To See

On our previous post we saw how to configure a default wemux session to pair program in mirror mode. In this post we will see how to switch to rogue mode so that we can have two terminals in our ubuntu or linux machines that can monitor one on the right and one on the left. The right one will display a shared view/edit session belonging to one programmer and the left one will display a shared view/edit session belonging to the other programmer on the other end.

In order to do this we configure the wemux.conf file:

sudo pico /usr/local/etc/wemux.conf

Here we switch the flags to support rogue mode and switching to servers as described in the text in there.

As default wemux only creates one session and expect everyone to reuse this session in a single host/server. In order to create more than one session we follow the series of commands as follows:

wemux list-sessions  // list sessions
wemux -S /tmp/wemux-wemux new-session -s checarlitos // creates new session named checarlitos
wemux -S /tmp/wemux-wemux attach-session -t checarlitos // attach to a previously created session named checarlitos

Following the creation of two sessions in separate terminals we put them side to side. In one we attach to one session and in the other to the other session. That is it!

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