11 thoughts on “Let’s show PHPStorm who is 1%

  1. Hi Luis,
    I’ve purchased PHP storm too, and I’m trying to fix the “fonts” issue, with no lucky. My eyes are bleeding. The people on jetbrains should give us a solution! Let me know if you finally find a proper solution that not involves to be a unix master or compile a custom JDK.

  2. Hi Manu, yeah me too was successful in compiling but the result was worse. The guy told me to switch to dejavu but in phpstorm does not work that way, i guess unless i am missing something, so if you know something else we can try please let me know.

  3. Hello Luis,
    this is so frustrating… after a few months using Sublimetext 2, I’ve decided to go back and give a chance to PhpStorm in his new 5 version… but I’m still getting that horrible fonts… I’m even handling the option to switch to Windows, but it makes me feel worse… I just want a proper font render, is really that so hard to achieve?

  4. I’m on KUbuntu 12.04 and Oracle JDK and I’m pretty much without problems because of fonts.

    Keep in mind that Ubuntu doesn’t have the best track record for rendering fonts, I hate how their default font works in their Terminal but I’m not having such issues with KDE.

    Hope it helps you.

  5. Thanks for the info, in that case, I’ll give kubuntu a try, could you show me a screenshot of the font rendering? I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

  6. Somebody should post Damian’s solution to the “jetbrains”.
    It’s quite ridiculous that they are not able to add this two lines to their linux edition’s configuration by themselves…

    • Actually, there are lot of things that can be changed to enhance PhpStorm that are very easy, almost ridiculous. But you have to change them yourself… I always wandered why JetBrains did so nice IDEs and fails on that..

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