Set Symfony2 Environment Straight For Your Branch

After switching from work on a branch to a different branch to run tests on it you need quickly a fresh environment ready to go. Your environment is dirty and will mess and confuse things if you don’t rewind and wipe correctly. If you are like me and don’t want to type then good news!

I wrote a script you can try if you are yet not well convinced:

~ curl -s | sh -s dev

If you like it then you can download it and copy it to a file like:

~ wget
~ mv fbbcb4bf61f498fa8ec6 set
~ chmod +x ./set

And you can run it easily in your projects like:

~ ./set dev // to reset dev db according to config_dev.yml
~ ./set test // to reset test db according to config_test.yml

soon more good news!

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