PHPPeru Drupal Module Pair Programming

Tonight we had 4 people conferencing over skype and doing pair programming on a drupal module for posting anonymous comments here.

Here is a screenshot of what we were working on:

– edutrul
– cordoval
– sergio
– francis

We also were doing some work on troubleshooting pilot project (soon FOSS) with edutrul and cordoval. It is going to rock!

Vamos PHPPeru :D!

Towards an Anti-Pornographic License

I was thinking today that if there are licenses that prohibit someway or the other to be used for certain purposes there should be licenses for the code we write in which we can specify that we don’t want the source code or any derivative work to be used in the sinful pornographic industry of mankind. I think there are world known programmers that would be bound to respect these licenses and some that would not. But the thing is it would be great not to see again guys who use the code licensed thus with a lofty profile.

So hereby i would like to encourage the development of such licenses and any feedback would be most welcome. Of course positive feedback. If you disagree for any reason, please try to convey your expressions within decent conversation else they would be eventually removed. Thanks!