In difficulty understanding God’s joy in doing what I do

I got an acute bronchitis over the past weeks, and my daughter just threw up because of an already treated respiratory infection. I want to say thanks God firstly, lest you think I am angry for this. I am concerned but not angry at all. I entered almost in panic because this could be A1HN1 on me or my daughter or on both or even on my entire family. If you are following the news, you will see Peru has even in this month, so weeks, cases of A1HN1 deaths in the same state I travelled to, in the capital where I live and so much more.

I cannot take it away from me, I have to go through the process and hope it is not A1HN1. Anything could happen, I am under rest for 3 days and taking injections and pills for treating the bronchitis. I have gone back to stable now and catching up with things I need to do but in the way I find myself confronted first amidst some personal family problems and also problems at fulfillment. We all want, naturally and carnally, our personal problems solved and to be someone in this life. We like the shower of what others speak about us and such. All those the result of a broken communication. It broke long time ago, not with a woman or anyone else, but with God telling us who, what, why, we are for and to ultimately express his max love in His own person, aka Christ Jesus.

I am not writing this blog post out of myself, I am sinful and have sinned in many ways even this week, today and last few seconds. I am writing this to let you see my source of strength, not how newbie, stupid, or in rare occasions how clever can someone be, but what is the central thing I consider in my life. It revolves about that communication that was broken long ago and by lack of which we don’t understand why. Why disease, why death, why jobless, why not the best, why I don’t have it together myself or with any human invention ever invented or to be invented.

This communication is restored upon believing the word of God as expressed in the Bible. Yeah you called it written by men and invented and corrupted. Yet not with reason by out of anger and lack of real careful research. It is however the only communication restoration story that could bring and fill all those vacuums. Neglecting it means death, lack of a divine question and response conversation and without meaning.

So why I code, first I got here because I tried to do an app Memorize-Scripture 2 some years ago. I left the trace. Yet I see that I am always revolving and always trying to go back to it, to Scripture. That is what drives me. Across well paid jobs seasons and across jobless seasons. Across times of apparently disfavor, and times of favor. All makes sense, because I still enjoy it thinking of the work, forgiveness and glory that awaits us with whom is capable of defeating death and do more than what we can ever imagine.

So everytime you see me blogging, I pray may you make me more glad if you have this joy in mind.

Some people have asked I continue the phpspec and stackphp series and it is in what i am thinking. I however have some small committment on a friend’s job and also the conference in Argentina on October. And also some other small PRs and a book review! I truly hope I can make it pass this flu, then I will have perhaps more energy to work on these things.
So expect more coming soon 🙂

Encouragements amidst of adversity, in Him graciously.

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