In Route to SymfonyCon Warsaw

Hi guys, just wanted to greet all you who read my blog post and just hoping everybody is developing neat stuff.

I have set my mind to travel to Warsaw this December to attend one of the biggest events in the history of the Symfony community and PHP Open Source, namely the SymfonyCon conference in Warsaw this year.

I already bought my ticket for the conference but have found some problems booking a flight to Poland, mainly the price and the paperwork to get there. Let me remind you I travel from Lima, Peru in South America and the flights are in the order of the 4k$-10k$.

For this reason I would like to do two things:

1. I promise to continue to publish more meat on this blog
2. I would like to remind you if you like my blog and want to support me, to please go on the link to donate and show me your support so that I can attend this event.

I am very thankful for your attention. And none of this could be possible without favor, helpers along the way, good friends and even my enemies 🙂 too. I thank you for your interactions and support!

Encouragements and let the blogging begins!

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