My friends and so much favor from God

I am so glad to share the good news I got a talk accepted for October to the conference. One of the biggest if not the biggest in South America on PHP and more.


I feel very humbled and honored that totally undeserved I can have my face next to these giants of the community. I mean I respect these people for their passion and technical level on the community. It really strikes me that yeah they are also human, but they are the ones in whose shoulders we build our applications on. I also value these persons as my close friends and I am always eager to share my findings and be mentored by any of them. Thank you so much guys and thank you conference organizers.

It is all favor, favor for having the time to research and learn things, favor through helping hands on my way, and all loving favor from my Lord Jesus Christ.

Not everybody think the same as me, but they are my friends, I was put in this community and I enjoy every day I can be part of to contribute disagree, agree, and together find ways and share the favor I received.

There are more friends that are not speakers and for them I also give thanks. I often think of you guys.

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