Bootstrapped Memorize Scripture with New Yolo Skeleton with Symfony2 Components

Today I created yolo-skeleton to develop projects using the yolo framework. I got inspiration from doucheswag and yolo’s excellent code/documentation. Feel free to send PRs. As an extra note, I have empowered the cordoval/yolo-skeleton with phpspec 🙂

~ composer create-project cordoval/yolo-skeleton memorize-scripture dev-master
Installing cordoval/yolo-skeleton (dev-master a31e81719cdba5236f6860fa1ec8a6664aefbe1a)
  - Installing cordoval/yolo-skeleton (dev-master master)
    Cloning master
Created project in memorize-scripture
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev)
  - Installing symfony/yaml (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing psr/log (1.0.0)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/routing (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/debug (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/http-foundation (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/event-dispatcher (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/http-kernel (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/dependency-injection (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/filesystem (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/config (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing igorw/yolo (dev-master 2fdb6bb)
    Cloning 2fdb6bbc9df464f374a85b0f486019c64f7bc2a6
  - Installing symfony/finder (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing symfony/console (v2.3.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing phpspec/php-diff (v1.0.1)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing phpspec/prophecy (v1.0.3)
    Loading from cache
  - Installing phpspec/phpspec (dev-master 0ad41ad)
    Cloning 0ad41ad7098400baa55ec8c74781145b2eea9c1d
    Skipped installation of bin/phpspec for package phpspec/phpspec: name conflicts with an existing file
symfony/routing suggests installing doctrine/common ()
symfony/debug suggests installing symfony/class-loader ()
symfony/http-kernel suggests installing symfony/browser-kit ()
symfony/http-kernel suggests installing symfony/class-loader ()
symfony/dependency-injection suggests installing symfony/proxy-manager-bridge (Generate service proxies to lazy load them)
phpspec/phpspec suggests installing whatthejeff/nyancat-scoreboard (~1.1 – Enables the Nyan Cat formatter)
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
Do you want to remove the existing VCS (.git, .svn..) history? [Y,n]? n 

Encouragements in all good! Try it!

In Route to SymfonyCon Warsaw

Hi guys, just wanted to greet all you who read my blog post and just hoping everybody is developing neat stuff.

I have set my mind to travel to Warsaw this December to attend one of the biggest events in the history of the Symfony community and PHP Open Source, namely the SymfonyCon conference in Warsaw this year.

I already bought my ticket for the conference but have found some problems booking a flight to Poland, mainly the price and the paperwork to get there. Let me remind you I travel from Lima, Peru in South America and the flights are in the order of the 4k$-10k$.

For this reason I would like to do two things:

1. I promise to continue to publish more meat on this blog
2. I would like to remind you if you like my blog and want to support me, to please go on the link to donate and show me your support so that I can attend this event.

I am very thankful for your attention. And none of this could be possible without favor, helpers along the way, good friends and even my enemies 🙂 too. I thank you for your interactions and support!

Encouragements and let the blogging begins!

Codelobster: The FREE IDE For PHP Windows Developers


For valuable and fast work on creation of applications and sites you need a good comfortable editor necessarily. There are many requiring paid products for this purpose, but there is a great free of charge option for Windows users that is very functional and at the same time a very simple to use editor and IDE.

For my windows readers I would like you to check out the Codelobster PHP Edition.

Some things that impacted me about Codelobster are the autocompletion for SQL with the SQL Manager and the simplification of the CSS HTML tools since the windows looked like they don’t overwhelm you with options but rather help you get focused on what you are doing.
The fact that is optimized for Windows means that it runs fast on Windows, so that means no problems.

Another thing that every newbie would appreciate is the helper contexts that are available at your fingertips. This is indeed a feature that helps in the beginning of learning the tool and the language and is always good to have around just in case.

Let us consider some important possibilities and advantages of this program:

All code highlights depend on type, mixing different code types is supported, so the area of HTML will be highlighted as HTML, PHP as PHP, and Javascript as Javascript in a the same file. Is also possible to choose from a variety of color schemes.

Codelobster has powerful autocompletion capabilities for HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript, including HTML5 and CSS3. Codelobster allows in PHP for the structure of the project to be fully recognized, and the complete list of methods falls out in the proper places.

Codelobster has a built-in HTML/CSS inspector similar to Firebug, which allows for easy correlation of the selected elements of page with code and has proper style.

Codelobster comes with Context Help on all supported languages. By pressing F1 key the page with detailed description for current tag, attribute or function will be opened.

Codelobster’s PHP debugger allows you to execute PHP scripts incrementally, watching the values of all variables in every line.

Codelobster’s SQL manager allows you to produce all necessary actions with a database – to add, delete, edit a structure and records in tables, to export data, execute SQL queries. Highlighting and autocompletion works for SQL files too.

Codelobster’s FTP support allows you to work straight with a remote server and to do all necessary changes within files. The portable option allows to use editor without the preliminary installation.

Among other useful utilities Codelobster supports: pair highlighting, possibility of blocks selection, collapsing, tooltips, navigation on descriptions of functions and included files at withholding of the CTRL key, viewing of structure of files and project, preview in a browser, book-marks, and all other standard possibilities for work with your code.

Also there are special plugins supporting the following projects:

CMS: Drupal, Joomla
PHP frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii
JavaScript libraly: JQuery
WordPress blogging engine
Smarty template engine