Quick Web Console for Rapid PHP Prototyping

Today I ran into a pearl by skimming over @Seldaek’s repos. I found this https://github.com/Seldaek/php-console.
It is a web type console, like those online consoles where we can try our snippets, the thing is this console is private and local so it is safer and more open source :).

I thought about this console and did followed the instructions and ran:

composer create-project --stability=dev --keep-vcs seld/php-console

This created a folder with the repo inside. The worries came when I had to set it up and do the vhost and what not. So I decided to just have a makefile file like in @igorw’s repos and tell it to run right after the composer command, so immediately. This would allow that in the future we can just run the console anytime by typing just “make“ or even just “composer install –dev“ since this will also run the former.


And when opening the browser this works, however a bit ugly, i think there is some problem with the templates and old php code.
Nothing that a good PR cannot solve 🙂


Enjoy, encouragements in all good!

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