PHPSpec It Like A Junior: Part V

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As I promised sometime and delivering now even though late, here is the Part V of the series.

So I got into phpspecking this Notificator library with this PR. In the way I wanted to have autocomplete for the method matchers so I ended up bootstrapping this stub library called cordoval/phpspec-stubs

Just add it to your composer.json:

    "require-dev": {
        "phpspec/phpspec": "dev-master",     
        "cordoval/phpspec-stubs": "dev-master"

And run:

composer update cordoval/phpspec-stubs

Then you need only one more step to use these amazing stubs library:

namespace spec\Namshi\Notificator\Notification\Email;
use Cordoval\PhpSpec\ObjectBehaviorComplete;
class EmailNotificationSpec extends ObjectBehaviorComplete
    function let()
        $this->beConstructedWith('recipient', []);
    function it_is_initializable()

It will autocomplete the methods in PHPStorm. Now the library has a growing number of methods so your PR’s are welcome. I will try to explore how to generate the “`ObjectBehaviorComplete“` class from a command in the future. But for now enjoy your free stubs for autocompletion!

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More quality surprises coming in these blog posts but more in the book too!

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