Symfony2 Easybook Powering Translation of The Preaching of The Gospel!

It is with great gladness I share this blog post. Basically to call the community that speaks many languages to help contribute to this repository I have started,

It follows simple principles:

– clone and translate transcripts under `Content` folder into your language.
– help correcting spelling mistakes and orthographic errors.
– share the link with someone you want to by sharing the link, the audio mp3 or the raw link to the text message you would like to share.

Future, an idea pops immediately to create a website for collaborating in the translation of mp3 messages to many languages. Initially I am translating this message not because I wanted to in the first place but because someone asked for it for months. Not even someone I know in person. So I feel compelled to do this and I think is the right thing to do.

There could even more policies and a license following, but it will be very open, so as long as you pass the original source code and heart behind it. That sums it up.


Install easybook as in their github repo readme and then create a book with any name, cd into it rm -rf everything inside and clone this repo inside. Then do to generate a pdf:

php book publish this-book print
// do your translations
git add .
git commit -am "my translation of the message"
git push -u origin master
// then go to github to create a pull request! thanks!

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