Vespolina and Sylius Hacking Days: Symfony2 Ecommerce Tools

Today Vespolina and Sylius hacking days started almost one after the other.

There are interesting contributions and development happening on both sides of the spectrum. Lots of similarities and the field is just getting hot with nice Pull Requests and ideas.

Here is the update from Sylius hacking day:

And From the Vespolina side there were some internal memories and work on the new site, sandbox and components. The major drive was towards resolving components into a better structure and architecture and allow for large store type options such as merchandise for multichannel support and the flow flexibility on the commerce process which is not the same for different implementations. Vespolina billing component is also something to highlight which has a lot more into the game of just one time billing.

Be sure to checkout the right one for your needs either small or large.

Shameless plug from the reporter:

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