I don’t understand PHP beaurocracy but I do understand Anthony Ferrara!

This blog post is just an admonition for the PHP people involved in working out the details of our great language and community. I am talking about https://wiki.php.net/rfc#withdrawn.
Yes is an admonition to just get across one point. I can understand Anthony Ferrara’s hard work in doing 5 RFCs and passion for teaching the language in his blog and video series on youtube. I cannot understand why hard work is met with something unknown to me that discourages him from keep working on this for the community.

Something is wrong here. And whatever that unknown thing is, I think is plain wrong if it ends up discouraging one of the top experts and hard worker person in the community. I met Anthony in Miami, he probably does not remember me but after the conference was kind of over I sat on his table and introduced myself, he is all very kind and ready to involve in rich smart conversations. I met him again in Portland where I would just stand next to him, @igorw, @asm89, and @beberlei, and I would just listen to him explaining with excitement his advancements in low level and high level PHP, C and what not stuff. I do not pay for conferences anymore, I pay to get the chance to fly out from Peru, land in places like these and learn from these giants. I even sent a PR to one of his repos in which we strongly disagree about God.

However I think that something unknown that can discourage someone learning with passion like that should be dealt with for fairness sake.

So there is my blog post, my vote, and hoping Anthony comes back, keep working on those RFCs and be part of our community.

Give a retweet to get this point across if you share it! I have learned tons from this guy.

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