Projects Come and Go, Grace makes you whole forever

So I got very sick, still am very, can’t sleep well because is very painful. And I thank God for this miserable day, because at night he let me ran all my exhaust, and now I understood once more his Grace. I found this video which I shared with a friend and watch it online and it was exactly what I was looking for. Nothing is coincidence.

My whole desire is that you put your faith in Christ Jesus. Ponder the truths of the Bible. Let alone be coward in saying yeah I am too an atheist in this field, just to please some and gain more friends. Just because atheism look enjoyable, just because it seems more people `realize` it does not mean you cannot stand firm because of their peer pressure or their github profiles let alone by their insightful talks. Let them ponder it in their lives. May God lead them. But my whole desire is to keep enjoying my work and share the good news with all grace He has given.

Encouragements in all good.

One thought on “Projects Come and Go, Grace makes you whole forever

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