Hacking Day Warsaw Symfony Series: Part VII


Numbers do need to be taken care as they have no mathematical precision nor are they updated to the last minute since some things are hard to get noted on the same spreadsheet. But they are worst case, so the reality is much better.

Screenshot 2013-12-15 13.51.26

Screenshot 2013-12-15 13.38.09 source @liuggio

I think the numbers speak of that we tried hard forms, that even though @romainneutron did not have a large group that he got most things done than anybody else around, also that FOSRestBundle got some good love from the community, probably due to the fact that there was a talk about it that was clearly delivered. Overall we pound the symfony locs with some good arsenal. Docs was the second most PRed repo and probably the largest and more organized group that was around. The polish power was spread out throughout the tables bringing up the largest hacking day ever held within the symfony world. More can be said of many things, but let this bit encourage you to grow as a contributor and be part of our welcoming community.

Encouragements in all good,

totally undeserving of everything and standing in grace

your friend @cordoval

4 thoughts on “Hacking Day Warsaw Symfony Series: Part VII

  1. big thanks @cordoval for organizing this, had a lot of fun meeting you guys and working together, hacking day is really a very good opportunity to learn from the best! 🙂

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