Mastering Legacy Application Development: Paul M Jones Examined

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Oh boy! that is my expression as I start to edit the book from Paul M Jones that just came out. I will sum it up in saying you will be rewarded that you got to read this book. Especially when you did not know what to do when you landed on that job and face a total legacy challenge. It seems like you have to be brewed for years before you get this straight, but this book almost empowers just about any newbie out there to jump onto those dreaded lead jobs and get them done.

I would only trust someone like Paul Jones or Matthias Noback (have you checked his book too?) for a solid step by step recipe that I can trust to tame the legacy madness at work. He has been doing this for years, and finally he decided it was time to write it down, and what a time you will have reading it!

Going from applications in production that use php 5.0 or even before to applications using modern frameworks running php 5.5, this book’s principles applied systematically are a sure win. In here newbies and experienced developers alike will fill knowledge gaps and will learn a lot of background and history on how applications can also be evolved to the year 2014 by a developer that has learned through many years how to go back in to the past and bring an app to the future with all nuances and explanations on why we do things without loosing the focus of getting the job done in the most professional way possible.

I feel a total different developer now, with a lot more confidence to take on legacy projects thanks to this book. I have met Paul at the SunshinePHP conference some years ago, and I have found a friend and someone I can learn from in the most clear possible straightforward language. He has even sat after his talk and explained architecture of his code to me just because I asked a question. I fully recommend to read him carefully and to appreciate his position within the large PHP community.

Thanks Paul, I am glad you are part of our community.

I truly hope you (the audience) enjoy this book.

Your friend from the php community,

Luis Cordova (@cordoval)

As part of the symfony community and php community at large I am very thankful for the opportunity to have reviewed such great authors like Matthias Noback and Paul M. Jones.
Here I leave my book recommendations and mine at the bottom.

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