Ain’t gonna need the Symfony bundle!

Often we think a bundle is the solution to our problems and we try hard to fit it into our app. Then developing an app becomes developing hacks to work around things extra-nous to our domain into our domain forcefully or as some could say “cleverly”.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 10.37.44

Lately I did a PR to a repo of an angularjs and RESTful implementation with the FOSRest libraries from symfony. But then I got this response to my PR:

Screenshot 2014-09-04 10.48.19

So to try to prove the point of keeping it simple I went ahead and discovered some nice features from heroku. It will become certainly one of the tools i use if I can pay for it since development is faster, compilation is faster, everything is faster, even I am thinking running jolici or running tests suite in heroku if possible.

I had to use the buildpack for php from @chh and you can literally build the app clicking your iphone.

+        },
+        "heroku": {
+            "framework": "symfony2",
+            "compile": [
+                "cd web; ./../node_modules/.bin/bower install"
+            ]

This thing that was the big reason why plugging a bundle to plug composer hooks was a simple line of code added to the composer thanks to the buildpack. Everything else went quickly in the flow using and just the tools we know about.

Check the app, I can’t believe it is so easy 🙂

Now you can PR and show it is working with one click:

Screenshot 2014-09-04 11.30.45


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