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In the world of open source softwares Codelobster is an integrated development environment which is fulfilling the requirements of all newbie’s in web programming world. Being a fresher if we have some freeware in hand then we can start our work without many thoughts. Obviously if the start is nice one can go far.

Some commendable features of Codelobster:

  • To highlight the code for different file tyes Codelobster has different color schemes. Being a developer I find it a tremendous feature to have highlighted code to easily differentiate it in complex coding.
  • Codelobster is providing auto completion feature for PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript, along with HTML5 and CSS3. Full concentration on logical aspect is very necessary when one wants to do extensive coding.
  • Pressing F1 will open help for tags and attributes. There is plenty of information available. For few supported languages Context help is also available.
    Code based variable values can be seen using PHP debugger. By debugging; developer can look for errors and proceed further.
  • After successful coding it is also necessary to deploy code on remote servers and Codelobster offers FTP support.
  • Codelobster comes with portable versions that means there is no need to install it. One can immediately start using it just by keeping it on system disk.
  • Along with data exporting feature Codelobster provides base for CRUD operations. This can be achieved using SQL manager which highlights sql files and also the auto completion.
  • To relate code pages; Codelobster has inspector functionality like we see in Mozilla plugin.
    Codelobster is offering few more nice features like: navigating files & functions along with their descriptions by keep pressing the CTRL key, block selection possibilities, tool-tips, code collapsing, highlighting of pairs, bookmarking, file-view & folder structuring along with browser preview.
  • Few special plugins to work with are following:
  • JavaScript libraries: JQuery, Node.js
  • CMS: Drupal, WordPress , Joomla
  • Template engines: Smarty and Twig
  • PHP frameworks: Phalcon, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony

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  1. Thanks for this information about this great (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript) editor, the features of Codelobster you mentioned are awesome, the tree list of objects for every language, highlight the code, auto complete the code, FTP support,the special plugins for php and other features are great.

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