Site now Bears Documentation: Contribute Linking Other Commands!

Tonight I spend sometime on the repository which is the site source code that is served over

The site is built on sculpin and for a long time I was struggling with solving the problem of getting the command documentation over to that page in a more automated way.

So i connected the documentation link on the top navigation bar to a documentation page.

Screenshot 2014-09-26 05.17.37

The documentation page right now bears a couple of linked commands. However when you click on one of them for instance you will land into the commands pages. Right now they need some contributions to beautify them, but the essence is there:

Screenshot 2014-09-26 05.19.28

The generation takes advantage of a script located in the gushphp/gush repo, generate_docu. This script writes .md files formatted so that they are ready to be placed under source/commands folder under the gushphp/gush-site repository.

Soon we will connect all the commands, we need help now just making it look prettier and complete the links, will you help us please!


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