New Year 2016, from PHP to new technologies, retrospective and tell it how it is

Hi, it has been a while since i have not blogged. I still continue to do PHP, however no longer consider it for new projects. I have been somewhat more involved with new technologies and languages. From reactive Java, node, to go. From webpack, semanticui to terraform, docker, microservices and deployment pipeline. I have unsubscribed myself from most PHP repositories I follow, the fact is that they are not relevant as they used to be. Regarding Symfony I think no matter 2 or 3 it is somewhat stuck and with a good reason, it is a platform and that is it. Is still good, but no longer good for most new things. I disagree with trying to innovate some old ball in the wrong way.

That said, this past year was good. I got a new addition to my family, a cute baby girl. In the future I would seek to write blog posts whenever I can on go and on the things I consider interesting.

Regarding development in PHP and architecture in general, I discovered the lie of several approaches, like Event Sourcing. It is not a total lie because it works, but you seldom will run your events ever in the lifetime of your system for most cases. So we just finished removing it from one of my favorite projects. The same goes for OO, that madness we still use it but we are careful to go dumb crazy to abstract more than what the business requires. Both of these lies were noticeable if we would have paid attention to our gut feelings. I believe experience and taste ultimately helps you stir as a developer among right and wrong approaches. What works for others don’t necessarily is right or work for your case.

Some people move faster than others, I am learning this and I am liking to have good friends around that go fast so I am starting to go fast and paying attention to the important parts. Everything else is not worth the time. Keep it simple is still the best principle ever.

Ok, with this I am just making a quick update and setting a better direction. I am still writing PHP, but less of course so don’t panic 🙂

your friend @cordoval

4 thoughts on “New Year 2016, from PHP to new technologies, retrospective and tell it how it is

  1. Hi Luis. Very good article. I have very much similar feeling myself about how fast and in which way new technologies are developing and I see that “Symfony 2 or 3 is still good, but no longer good for most new things”.

    • the community is not just the social community, there is a better community which is the existing community the working community, don’t let the media deceive you it is not existing.

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