Terminal Emacs keybindings

I noticed something new in the command terminal on my Ubuntu upgrade. First old news: the command line uses some Emacs editor shortcut key combos:

ex: Ctrl F – forward one char; Ctrl B – backward one char; Ctrl A – beginning of line; Ctrl E – end of line and a few others

ex: Ctrl P- previous command in cache, Ctrl N – Next command in cache
(type “ls -al” then ” ls” then “echo”…. now Ctrl P and Ctrl N cycle through the commands)

But here is something recently added:
Ctrl R – initiates a regular expression search in reverse through all the previous commands in the cache.
So hit Ctrl R and then type ls … you will see the command starting with “ls” … hit Ctrl R again and you will see the next one starting at “ls”…
Hit Ctrl G to cancel the prompt. in Emacs Ctrl G is always the prompt cancel.

Give it a try.