SparkleShare Git Client with Shared Hosting 1

I have this hosting and will specify everything here according to that hosting.
I am pretty sure you can also work with this other hosting which is better and more reliable:

So let’s do hands on:

Firstly one is going to have to setup git on the hosting since it is not necessarily there yet. So for that please follow these instructions:

There will be some settings on the ssh side like uploading your ssh pub key to your server, but basically things will boil down to issuing:
git clone -u /path_to_git_install/git/bin/git-upload-pack ssh://user@server/~/repos/state.git
This line above will clone the repo you created on your server.
It went a complete success on my host and I am pretty sure it would be the same provided your hosting is decent and standard.

From now on we can either stay as we are, happy or try the SparkleShare thing.

There are still some problems with SparkleShare so I will create the second part of this post when I have the solution.

Here are some notes:

Then we will follow this instructions here:

Notice that sometimes there will be no key found on the directory that it says there on the link above, so one can use the key located at ~/.ssh directory. This was because SS broke at some point.

Now I have my git repo working on external shared hosting account.
This post summarizes being with my host for several hours on the chat and IRC channels too.