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My name is Luis Cordova.

PHPPeru cofounder, Ex-KnpLabs ninja, consultor for SensioLabs, Symfony Core Team developer, have experience executing successful symfony2 projects as a CTO in companies in Asia and as Lead Developer in bleeding edge startups in the northeast coast of the USA. He has undertaken tasks as lead architect and trainner in many topics from Git, to Symfony2 and Behat. He is the author and maintainer of several libraries and bundles in the symfony ecosystem. His background is in hardware performing key research in high performance supercomputing with FPGAs and has an interest in community mainly in PHP and Symfony2.

He has written and self publish the “Lean Book on Symfony2 Ecommerce”. And has translated the book “Un año con Symfony” available here.

Luis is the creator of the Personal Robot for Maintainers and Contributors: Gush here

Luis has presented a talk at the conference talk in Argentina on October 4th, 2013.

He has attended many conferences on PHP and Symfony in the Americas and in Europe, is acquainted with who is who in the community and has a very good record on travel availability for business.

Luis best use is done via a consulting package for your critical projects, gain understanding on how to solve the problems and get out of survival mode. He can conduct internal and external code quality reviews, create a plan of action to get you out of survival mode, train your team with best practices, and help you direct your software business into the right direction.

Remember for every buck you invest in scouting/architecting/planning you save more than 5 times later on in your business.

Please feel free to ask without compromise.

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Finally for your consideration Luis is trying to get a good pulse of activity in symfony/symfony Open Source main repository right after @fabpot the symfony lead merger 🙂

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